Advertising Illustration

As well as animating and directing the TETLEY and RIBENABERRY commercials, I also drew numerous illustrations for press, posters, and packs on behalf of these clients. In both cases the commissions were wide-ranging, and included the sides of buses and fun fair rides (for Tetley) and murals and party bags for RIBENA. I also worked extensively for a range of London Agencies, producing presentation storyboards, animatics, and visualisations.

Most prominently, I worked as the illustrator of the Saatchi and Saatchi NATIONAL LOTTERY pitch for CAMELOT and this led to my being commissioned for all the Press, Poster, point of sale, door-drop, and leaflet illustrations for the IT COULD BE YOU launch campaign. Alongside Advertising work I produced illustrations for books, a range of greetings cards, calendars, and a variety of other projects.



  • Ribenaberries, redesigned for one of the last of the drawn commercials

  • Part of a Ribenaberry party pack

  • A Ribena poster: HARRY THE LIME

  • A Ribenaberry wall mural for the Zoo!

  • Ribena newsletter

  • Watercolours for a Tea Folk calendar

  • Tetley poster art

    (Tetley rarely issued posters)

  • Storyboard for a Tea Folk Xmas ad that was never produced

    (Tea Folk meet Les Dawson at the Pantomime)

  • In an annual short-story competition, the winners were published with illustrations by me!

  • Trade hand-out puzzle picture

  • Embossed metal lid for a tea caddy

  • The launch poster campaign: IT COULD BE YOU For the National Lottery

  • Another launch campaign poster

  • I also drew the press ads

  • Here's another.

  • An illustration from Camelot’s pitch document. The illustration work…..

  • ….was commissioned by Saatchi and Saatchi This is a storyboard Illustration.

  • ….Another storyboard featuring Patrick Moore

  • Point of sale artwork, again from the launch campaign.

  • Artwork for a Harrods gift box. It folds into the rough shape of a teddy bear driven van.

  • This was done, I think, for Birdseye.

  • The inner workings of a dog. For Saatchi and Saatchi again.

  • A cat to go with the dog.

  • A range of fruity characters…

  • …..for Robertson’s jams and preservatives…

  • …..designed as possible replacements....

  • …..for the Golly. Commisioned by Robertsons.